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Children Saying Goodbye to a Family Pet


Written March 11, 2014 Addison, my beloved cat of 15 years started bleeding over the weekend. For a cat who has been diagnosed in renal failure for 2 years and had an ultrasound 3 weeks ago showing large cysts in her kidneys and spleen I knew that couldn’t be good. We spent the weekend trying […]

Watch Kittens Live


Thanks for watching our kittens grow. The kitty cam is now down and there is one precious boy tabby still looking for a home. Here are a few pics to remember the blessing the last 9 weeks have been for our family. These precious six kittens were born Thursday, May 1. The two tortoiseshells were […]

Rescuing a Pregnant Stray Cat

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Originally Published April, 2014. Saturday we had to say goodbye to Addison, my beloved cat of 15 years (read more). It was a heart wrenching goodbye and I thought it would be months before we would rescue another kitty or two and take them into our home. God had a different plan. God’s Timing Monday […]

Tough Decisions: When to put your cat to sleep?

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Warning: This may make you cry and talks about euthanization. My personal experience with our cat Addison, April 12,2014 Addison, our beloved 15 year old cat, had been diagnosed with renal failure two years ago and it was progressing very slowly. We were able to manage it well with food until last month when her […]

Overcoming Fear: Treating our cat with Sub-Q fluids at home

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Addison, our beloved 15 year old cat has been in renal failure for almost two years. Over the last month her health has taken a turn downhill. To save money and for her comfort it will be best to administer Sub-Q fluids at home but it will mean overcoming a fear of needles, deeply rooted at an early age.