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Overcoming Fear: Treating our cat with Sub-Q fluids at home

Sub Q fluids

Health Decline

Addison, our beloved 15 year old cat has been in renal failure (kidney failure) for almost two years. Over the last month her health has taken a turn downhill. She started bleeding and we prepared for the worst. Thankfully her bladder was just severely inflamed and a round of antibiotics helped make it better. However, ever since she had been lethargic, dehydrated, not eating much and just not herself.

Fluid Treatment

We started Sub-Q fluid treatments at the vet clinic and that seem to perk her up, stimulate her appetite and she was more alert. After a few weeks of treatments it seemed worthwhile to explore administering the treatments at home for her comfort and to save money but I had no idea what to expect. I was sort of hoping it was like a frontline treatment I could just put on her back.

When the vet came in with the IV bag, line, and needles I was trying to suppress all my bad experiences in hospitals yet everything I was looking at reminded me of being in a hospital.

Treatment Instruction

As he quickly showed me how to start the line, talked about air bubbles and where to stick the needle in I said out loud “and then you try not to throw up”. He looked at me and seemed surprised that I might have a problem. I added “I hate needles” and internally I also thought and the last thing I want to do is hurt my cat who already is struggling.

Financial Savings

I asked what the cost savings was again to weigh in my head the benefits of doing this myself. It was significant. As I sat there thinking through what I needed to do I realized I needed to try and that it would require overcoming a major fear and doing something I wouldn’t choose to do. I know God would have to help me through this if this was something I was supposed to do.

Later that night I told me husband and asked if he could help. He said no way! It turns out, we both are going to overcome the fear together.