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Stationery Cards For Sale To Benefit Animal Shelters, Humane Societies and Rescue Groups


Thank you for your interest in our stationery cards. ALL proceeds will benefit animal shelters, humane organizations and rescue groups. If you don’t want to pick from one on our list you may designate an animal non-profit of your choice. Stationary Card Sets Available: (Cats, Flowers, Animals, Scenic and Travel) Cat Set -12 cards (6 […]

Overcoming Fear: Treating our cat with Sub-Q fluids at home

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Addison, our beloved 15 year old cat has been in renal failure for almost two years. Over the last month her health has taken a turn downhill. To save money and for her comfort it will be best to administer Sub-Q fluids at home but it will mean overcoming a fear of needles, deeply rooted at an early age.

The Case for Cats


I have been surprised by a general attitude of indifference towards cats. I first noticed a negative milieu when it was challenging finding homes for strays that I found. I heard a lot of “I am allergic” and “I am not a cat person.” It also seemed very few guys living by themselves or with […]