I believe we are all blessed and can make the world better by giving.

What are you passionate about? If you love animals, are passionate about making a difference or are just interested in helping, you can make a difference and every little bit is significant and meaningful to the life you have helped. Our pastor, The Rev. Dr. Jerry Smith frequently talks about the importance of giving back by “donating our time, talents and treasures.”

You can donate your time by volunteering, donate your talents or your treasures and help make the world a better place.

Donate Your Talents
Sadly, many individuals may not be in jobs that they are passionate about and that truly utilize their talents. It is incredibly rewarding to actually do something you are good at especially when it’s helping a cause or group you are passionate about. If you don’t know what your talents are there are several great inventories/assessments you can take to find out like: StrengthsQuest (talents), Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (personality), Strong Interest Inventory (interests). Once you know you can choose tasks that best match your skills. If you are  unable to do so in your current work environment than perhaps volunteering is the perfect way to seek out ways to utilize your gifts. Most non-profit organizations have a variety of responsibilities and would love to match you with the most fulfilling jobs.

Donate Your Treasures-money
Another way you can help is by donating your treasures. Yes you could donate money and that would be a significant help to many organizations providing food, shelter, and medical care to homeless animals. I would imagine there isn’t an organization that exists that couldn’t use additional funds to help their mission. You can help fund daily operations, give to specific programs like spay/neuter, or even approach your own vet to donate money for clients who can’t afford much needed treatment for their pets. Every time you donate money you are helping save a life. Every non-profit relies on donations for daily functioning and any amount no matter the size is significant. For a list of local shelters and organizations who would welcome a monetary contribution click the following links: list_animal_shelterslist_rescue_groups, list_welfare_groups, list_spay_neuter.  When I refer to treasures I don’t just mean money.

Donate Your Treasures-basic supplies
You may not even realize it but most homes have much needed supplies just laying around. Towels, cleaning supplies, food, pet leashes, bowls, crates and other supplies are much needed items for shelters, rescue groups, and for individuals/families who have experienced a crisis and have lost everything. When I looked at all the local non-profit organizations in the area, they all had a wish list of much needed items. You don’t have to give your paycheck to make an impact, just a commitment to help where you can. You would be surprised by how much you have to give and how amazing it feels to help. Nothing is more appreciated than a lost, stray or abandoned animal receiving love in whatever form it comes- food, bed, friendly walk or a forever home. You can provide that with a simple donation.

Thank you in advance for the gifts you are donating to help others!