Coyotes in Nashville and Beyond


There have been lots of Coyotes sightings in Nashville and Middle Tennessee. Read about how to protect your pets and keep coyotes away.

Tennessee’s state reptile is the Eastern Box Turtle- LEARN MORE!


Our native Tennessee’s Eastern Box Turtles are considered a threatened species. They have amazing homing devices, can close their shell completely and are meant to live long lives. Learn more about them and how you can help!

Pelicans: a misconception of how they die


Whenever we get a chance to visit the coast I am always taken by the pelicans. They appear to be such big beautiful birds. I am awe of them flying in formation, their keen eyesight as they look for fish from above and their aerodynamic pilot skills as they dive in the water to retrieve […]

Coyotes in Nashville


Coyotes are back in Nashville!!! Last January we saw several coyotes in our neighborhood, across the street and even in our yard. Neighbors reported cats and small dogs being killed by coyotes. A year later, they are back! Apparently there are news stories going back several years of residents having close encounters with coyotes and […]

Walden’s Puddle “Fall Call of the Wild”


Walden’s Puddle set to host their Second Annual “Fall Call of the Wild” Middle Tennessee is fortunate to have a “professionally-staffed wildlife rehabilitation and education facility in Middle Tennessee” called  Walden’s Puddle. Walden’s Puddle “provides care and treatment to sick, injured and orphaned Native Tennessee Wildlife.” They don’t “charge for services and receive no federal […]