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Successful Reunification Story: Prissy lost and found

Don’t lose hope if your pet is missing!

Read Prissy’s story, about a Nashville cat who was missing for 7 weeks but due to the efforts of her owner and the caring family who found her she was reunified with her family after 7 weeks.

Submitted By: Anne Tolly

“The cats name is prissy. She was 11 years old. Her owners originally lived in florida where they found her on a golf course when she was a baby. She was an indoor/ outdoor cat then. They said they moved to Nashville recently and kept her inside but she just loved being outside so they let her try it. She had been out several times until she never came back in early September.

Looking back we all remember seeing the sign for a missing cat and keeping an eye out. But 7 weeks passed and most of the signs had fallen down and were gone. My husband just happened to see one left and made the call. The man came to look and see…but told my husband he had just taken the litter pan away that weekend because he had lost hope.

He couldn’t believe his eyes said she had lost about 10 lbs and asked my husband to take a pic of him with the cat so he could text his wife who was so happy too. What a Happy ending!