Pet Memorials

Ouiser (Wheezer)

The pretty gray kitten remained in a cage, unadopted, because she hissed and struck out at anyone who approached her. My daughter, who worked as an animal walker, took pity on her and brought her home. For weeks, this small creature hid under a bed, coming out only to eat, potty, and hiss at any human.

Gradually, though, the kitten made small appearances, and slowly began to join our family. What could we name this skittish creature? Ah, Ouiser—after the character in “Steel Magnolias” who claimed she had been “in a bad mood for 40 years.” That was Ouiser—an original.

Ouiser was really a one-woman cat—my cat. She slept with me, and until the end of her life she bathes my face every night before she curled up at my side. For 18 years, she adored me, and I loved her in return. I will always miss that strange little beauty with her loud purr and rough tongue.