How you can help

John 13:34 “A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another.”

When God calls us to ministry I believe it’s as simple as loving one another no matter how simple or grand the action. It could be simply holding a door for someone or reaching out in a time of great pain. The fact that you are reading this section means you genuinely care and want to make a positive difference. I believe you can and you will!

There are endless ways you can help that vary in level of responsibility and time commitment and will probably vary throughout your life depending on the season. This section is created to show the variety of ways you can contribute in hopes it helps you to find the right fit for right now.

1. Be a responsible pet owner and help educate others. Being a responsible pet owner can have profound impact on all those who witness your life so don’t underestimate your impact.

2. Adopt an animal. Choosing to adopt from a shelter or humane organization saves lives. Take a look this week’s featured pet.

3. Volunteer with an organization, rescue group or welfare agency to help fulfill their mission to care for animals, find homes and change laws.

4. Donate money or 

5. much needed supplies to local organizations/shelters to ultimately save animals’ lives. Monetary donations and basic pet supplies help fund daily operations caring for animals (food, medical assistance, adoption events, emergency aid for those affected by disaster etc.). Every organization could use additional funding and has a wish list of needed items. List of Local Humane Associations/Animal Shelters, List of Local Rescue Groups

6. Foster an animal or animals. Fostering allows for more lives to be saved and serves as an integral aid in transitioning animals to the shelter or their new home.

7. Be aware of animals around you and help with Rescue efforts individually or join a network.

8. Use your voice and Advocate for animals. Whether you are teaching your own children about how to treat animals appropriately or you are leading a campaign for policy reform on Capital Hill you can use your voice to help animals.

I believe we are all blessed and have gifts we can use to help others. Depending on your situation I hope you consider giving of your time, talents and treasures to help in an area that you are passionate about. You will be making the world a better place and you will also be rewarded.