“Stray Magnet” was coined by my husband our first month of marriage

Brooke and DaveWe had dated long distance and hadn’t actually lived in the same town much less the same house until we were married. About a month into our marriage I had found three stray animals and he commented to me “I knew you loved animals but I didn’t know you were a magnet for strays.”

I was fortunate to grow up in a family that had animals and treated them like members of the family. Even at a young age I found myself trying to help rescue any lost, injured or malnourished animal. Throughout my life it has been a passion to love and help these innocent creatures. Rescuing animals was always a side hobby whenever I ran across one.

My background is in education and my career experience predominantly in higher education administration with a few years working for a pr/marketing/web design firm. Now I am daily challenged and thankful for being home to raise our two young children. As I am not out on the street running across strays as frequently with two little ones, this website is an effort to continue to help people and animals.

I am not sure I am a true “magnet” for animals although I do think they sense animal lovers. I believe we can all make a difference and help with lost, stray and ill-treated animals. When your eyes are open to your surroundings you will notice that there are more animals in need and you can make a difference.