Empowering others to make a difference for animals through education, awareness and stories

I’ve been an animal lover my whole life and aspired to have my own business one day. I envisioned a petfriendly restaurant with a separate pet store beside, pet daycare in back with a special self serve bath station, and some guest rooms upstairs to make it petfriendly B&B. Drop off your dog on the way to work and pick up breakfast at the same time. How great does that sound?

Well I am the only sibling in my family without an MBA. My background is in education and after sharing my dream with my sister she practically pointed out that there were about 5 businesses I mentioned and it would be best to start with one. All this is to say is the dream is still alive. However, at this juncture in my life where I am busy each day raising/chasing two young children my ability to help make a difference for people and their pets needs to be approached differently.

While there are already tons of websites in existence assisting adoption and reunification and providing education and local resources, I still want to do my part. I am not in it for any monetary gain. I just want to utilize my passion to help make a difference in the world and if I can help just one person or animal it will be worth it.

Along these pages, you will get to know me in ways some people have never witnessed. The mission of this website is to help empower people to make a difference for animals through education, awareness and stories. I hope you will join me on the adventure and share in a promising future.

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