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Welcome to Stray Magnet


I’ve been an animal lover my whole life and aspired to have my own business one day. I envisioned a petfriendly restaurant with a separate pet store beside, pet daycare in back with a special self serve bath station, and some guest rooms upstairs to make it petfriendly B&B. Drop off your dog on the […]

Brooksie, a Sewanee rescue


When you are an animal lover and you do take notice of strays and publicly try to help them, sometimes you become “the go to” in a community for help with animals. One night I heard a knocking on my window. When I came to let the student in I noticed she had a little […]

Opossums are animals too

Let me just premise this by saying I have the most wonderful thoughtful husband in the world. He is amazing with our kids and loves animals. One morning as he was headed off to work, the kids and I walked him to his car. Looking off into the yard I saw something unusually big on […]

Past Featured Pets: Lil and Biggs


Featured Past Pets of the Week: Lil and Biggs Each week we will feature animals available for adoption at local shelters. This week’s pick are Lil and Biggs from New Leash on Life. “Lil and Biggs are littermates and came to New Leash on Life due to no fault of their own. Their previous owner’s […]