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Past Featured Pets: Spitfire, Tina and Ebony

Each week we will feature animals available for adoption at local shelters.

This week’s pick are three siblings: Spitfire, Tina and Ebony from Music City Animal Rescue.



Brief Description:
-3 siblings 1 boy and 2 girls
-2 years old
-Up-to date on shots

The three have grown up together and are used to being around other cats. They have not been around dogs but would probably be fine if slowly introduced.

SPITFIRE:  My foster mommy named me Spitfire because when I was just a tiny kitten (before I could even mew very well) I would make a little spit noise when I was mad.  I don’t do that any more because I am never mad.  I am a big boy, with big soft paws.  I love to play with my two sisters and I like to be talked to and kissed on the nose.



TINA: Originally nickamed T-Tiny Tina because she was the smallest.  I’m not T-Tiny any more but I am tall and slender.  I am full of energy.  I love to run and climb my cat tree.

EBONY:  I LOVE to talk.  I tend to be a little shy at first but once I get to know you, I want to be in your lap and rub on you and kneed on you and TALK to you!  I have Personality Plus!!   I am the most independent of us all.

If you would like to visit with any of the cats contact or call (615) 485-4452.

TINA, EBONY, and SPITFIRE would do well adopted together or separately.



About Music City Animal Rescue:
Music City Animal Rescue is a non-profit, 501(c)3, no-kill animal rescue. Established in July of 2013, the rescue may be new but it’s founder, Vickie Harris, and those that volunteer and work with the rescue are certainly not new to the tremendous need of animals in and around Middle Tennessee as well as across the United States.

Music City Animal Rescue is different than many rescues because we take in not only cats and dogs, but rabbits, horses, goats, birds, reptiles etc….If we have experience or know someone who does, we do all that we can to rescue an animal in need.

“We are a foster home network”, says Vickie, “and we are limited to the number of animals we can help by the number of foster homes we have.  Right now, we are in severe need of anyone who is willing to foster a dog, cat, kitten, puppy, etc…”

If you or someone you know, would be interested in getting more information on how to become a foster or volunteer, please contact Vickie Harris at (615) 485-4452 or email