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HSUS 2013 Humane State Rankings

Tennessee ranks 24 (40%) in the Humane Society’s Humane State Ranking based on a “comprehensive report rating all 50 states and D.C. on a wide range of animal protection laws” “dealing with animal cruelty and fighting, pets, wildlife, equines, animals in research, and farm animals.”

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A few Highlights: Tennessee Legislation DOES NOT INCLUDE

-“Require state emergency response plans to include pets.” Those of us who remember the 2010 flood know the importance of having a plan in place to help families and their pets when emergencies occur.

Cruelty: TN Does NOT

-“Felony penalty for cockfighting”
-”Place limits on the inhumane chaining of dogs”

Animals in Research: TN Does NOT

-“Prohibit the use of animals in product testing when an approved alternative exists”
-“Prohibit research facilities from obtaining pets from animal shelters”

Puppy Mills: TN Does NOT

-“Prohibit the stacking of cages at puppy mills”
-“Prohibit wire flooring at puppy mills Includes a puppy lemon law”
-“Restrict the sale of animals at outdoor sales and/or flea markets Includes a pet store disclosure requirement on the source of animals”
-“Limit the number of breeding dogs confined at puppy mills”

Misc: TN Does NOT

-“Prohibit the sale of dog and cat fur”
-“Restrict the consumption of dog and cat meat”
-“Prohibit greyhound racing”

Farm Animals: TN Does NOT

-“Include protections for farm animals”
-“Include protections for downed animals too sick or injured to walk”
-“Include humane slaughter standards”

Wildlife: TN Does NOT

-“No Felony penalty for illegally hunting an endangered species”
-“Prohibit the private possession of primates as pets”

Horse Related: TN Does NOT

-“Prohibit horse tripping, or roping the legs of a galloping horse”
-“Prohibit the slaughter of horses for human consumption”

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