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Happy Mother’s Day!

Written May 11, 2014

For the first time, there’s another mother in our house for us to consider.

We rescued a stray pregnant cat a month ago and she had kittens 10 days ago. While we were sad to miss the birth because we were out of town, June did it all herself! (Watch the kittens live on our kitty cam).


Mama Cats Do Everything Themselves

Mama cats are impressive!! They find a quiet place (nesting box) and in most cases do everything themselves. They give birth to the kittens, cut (bite) the ambilical cords and eat the placenta. The first weeks of  their life kittens depend completely on mama for warmth, food and even going to the bathroom as she has to lick their to release their waste. That gives a whole new meaning to unconditional love.

mama kittens

New Meaning to Caretaking

Also, watching 6 helpless kittens crawl all over her gave me a new perspective on caring for others and not having any personal space:) She’s doing such a great job of taking care of her kittens and it’s all natural instinctive behavior. They are born with the ability to know how to give birth and care for their kittens.

Our job is to care for her-make sure she is getting enough food and love while she cares for her young. On this mother’s day, I want to acknowledge all the other animal mamas out there who go to great lengths to care for their offspring. Thank you for all you do for others!