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Brooksie, a Sewanee rescue

BrooksieWhen you are an animal lover and you do take notice of strays and publicly try to help them, sometimes you become “the go to” in a community for help with animals.

One night I heard a knocking on my window. When I came to let the student in I noticed she had a little black kitten. She said she found it outside the Golden Gallon, a nearby convenience store, really the only convenience store in town. She couldn’t keep it as animals were not allowed in residence halls (dorms). She was the friendliest kitten.

I already had two cats who were living with me restricted to my bedroom because I lived with roommates who were allergic so it wasn’t an ideal location to temporarily house the cat since I couldn’t isolate her before getting her to the vet.

I called some friends who had their own apartment and a little screened in porch. I asked if they would be willing to house her temporarily while I got her to the vet and found a home. My friend was pretty apprehensive as she kept a tidy house but they willingly took her in temporarily. I provided all the basic supplies to help and made an appointment at the vet the next day.

When I checked in the next day my friend declared that there was an inequality amongst animals as there were far more dog toys than cat toys out there. I inwardly laughed and loved hearing how she had already given the cat a bath and bought her some toys. They were not sure they wanted an animal, especially a cat, at that time but they ended up adopting her and to this day she is one of the most loving cats I know. You can’t help but want to give her some love as she rubs up against you purring. My husband would gladly trade either of our less friendly cats for her. I am also honored beyond words that she was named after me. It has given me an even more special kinship with her.